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Hello, I am the Founder and CEO of Smith Ventures, LLC, which is a Business Development and Consulting firm in Batavia, NY.  I was born in Texas but grew up in upstate New York, I have since lived in FL, NC and found my way back home to live in NY.  

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Hodges University, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and a Masters in Business Administration with a focus in Innovation and Organizational Change Management and Leadership Development, from Lenoir Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina.  

My professional career has been devoted to understanding how to better develop managers and leaders in future organizations, as well as innovative ways to position companies in better operational dynamics.  The high level focal points of my expertise include the following:

  • Leadership and Development

  • Innovative Strategy and Change Management

  • Organizational Health and Planning

  • Business Development

I have an extensive background in medical sales, retail sales, personal service sales, restaurant and hospitality services, account management, customer experience, business development, marketing, operations, and leadership development from a variety of industries over the last 20 years.  

My entrepreneurial journey began when I was in an executive level role.  I loved my job, but had that gut feeling there was something more I should be doing.  I knew a greater level of serving was waiting for me and that I wanted to do great work with great people.  I spent a lot of time soul searching, and it was a house that really brought my passion to life.  My husband and I were graced with a beautiful little girl, and decided we needed more room for our growing family.  We purchased a home that came with an old daycare (that's for another story!), so not only were we homeowners, but we had a commercial property as well.  The brainstorming began on what to do with the building, and then more ideas came on what to do with our lives.  Fast forward a few years and 600 miles and we landed back in our home state.  We agreed I would work on building a consulting business because my super power is organizational change and business development; my husband would work on his dream venture, and together we would build our own businesses.  And so, my journey to create my own consulting company began and came to fruition in March of 2022 .

My motivation to learn and practice change management and leadership development comes from the need I see in a variety of organizations across multiple industries. Businesses need to continually adapt to rapid changes in order to remain competitive and viable. There are not many managers who are highly skilled at change management.  Some can initiate the change, but many cannot carry out what is necessary to facilitate a positive impact to the organization as a whole.  

It is my mission to provide those who have a passion for innovation and growth, the tools to carry out a future of possibilities, while cultivating them into one of a kind leaders.  My focus in doing this is based on my four pillars of expertise, that allows me to generate success with my partnering clients.  My business approach is to guide others in building their businesses to their best success…which is where strategy meets tactical execution!

I believe it is important to have balance in life. I am a mom and wife and have worked many years for other people’s gain.  I have put my trust in my faith, allowed the Lord to lead and guide me on my journey, and have become a driving force of change for myself and others!  I enjoy a cold beer with great music, reading, cooking, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends, when I am not living out my professional dream!

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